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Born in the beautiful city of Barranquilla,Colombia but New York has been my home since I was 8 years old. I love music and love to dance! I often find myself dancing by myself at home!  I’m the oldest of 5 and our parents since a very young age encouraged us to dance and perform.  This, not only kept us out of trouble but also kept us connected to our Colombian roots. :)

More than a year ago I decided to get certified to teach ZUMBA and from the first class fell in love with this discipline because while I dance and have fun, I help others either lose weight or stay in shape.

Zumba relaxes me. I am very happy for the radical change that it has given my life because now I feel much more productive, active and enthusiastic to face all the new challenges that come my way.

Diana   914-220-2563


  • Zumba BasicZumba Basic
    License to teach regular Zumba® classes.
  • Zumba ToningZumba Toning
    License to teach body-sculpting techniques using Zumba Toning Sticks to enhance rhythm and build strength.
  • AffiliateAffiliate
    This instructor is a registered affiliate